Whalley Golf Club Video Evening – Report

The Lancashire Automobile Club film night at Whalley Golf Club was a great success with over 80 enthusiasts enjoying videos of the 1990 and 1991 Pirelli Classic Marathon.

Mike Wood, who along with others in the audience actually competed on the events, introduced the videos relating some of his personal memories of the event.

The first video was, appropriately enough, the 1990 event. With the likes of Stirling Moss, Paddy Hopkirk and Roger Clark plus Bobby Unser, multiple winner of Indianapolis, Gijs van Lennep, double Le Mans victor and Clay Regazzoni, former Grand Prix driver, being notable entries. The event was won by Paddy Hopkirk in a Mini Cooper winning by 35 seconds from Ron Gammons in second who just pipped Sterling Moss by 3 seconds.

This was followed by pie and peas served by Walley Golf Club staff. Before the second video was shown Mike was given a small recognition, well a bottle of his favourite whiskey, from the Club to celebrate his recent 90th birthday.

We then moved on to the second video of the 1991 event. Again the Marathon started from London and making its way to the Italian Alps with a star studded cast of drivers and navigators from both the rallying and racing world competing in some epic machinery.  The event was won by Ronnie McCartney and Dr Beatty Crawford in their 1965 Mini Cooper S beating all of the top names. Again Stirling Moss put up a fine show before crashing out.

So a great evening with great videos and great company.