2nd Noggin and Natter June 1st

The first Noggin n Natter for years, got off to a flying start on May 4th .
Thanks you to everyone who supported us.    Would it work?  We didn`t know!   Six or sixty? Thank goodness it was the sixty.
The next one will be again, first Thursday in the month,  the glorious 1st June, at Mytton Fold Hotel  from 6.00pm.  This time we will  be trying out the Ribble Suite, which is where we will all meet and finish for the Kendal 100 Event.
Look forward to seeing you all again.  Carolyn

Evening Scatter Rally – Tuesday 23rd May 2023

LAC members have kindly been invited to take part in an evening ‘Scatter’ Rally organised by PDVCC. Please see the attached for details and entry form.

Come and enjoy some of the finest driving roads in the area. Starting and finishing at the Eagle and Child, Bispham Green L40 3SG. Entry fee is £25.00 per car and includes sandwich and chippy supper for two people.

See regulations below for full details

Click on link below for Regulations

PDVCC scatter rally Supp Regs 2023

Video of our St Georges Day Run ‘Passing Pendle’

Paul Hargreaves was out on our St Georges Day Run with his camera and has sent me a nice video of many of you passing over Pendle.

If you want to have a look either click on this link or copy and paste into your browser


By the way Paul plans to be out on the LAC Kendal 100 on the 18th June. Entries for that event are rolling is but currently there are still places left.



Lancashire Automobile Club Noggin and Natter – Thursday 1st June

Anthony and Carolyn will be  at the Mytton Fold Hotel, Whalley Road, Langho, BB68AB from 6.00pm for the second of our Noggin and Natters at Mytton Fold on Thurday June 1st.
We will be meeting up at the Ribble Suit from 6.00pm so bring your car, drop in and enjoy a drink with fellow enthusiasts.
Entry is free and open to all. So if you are a LAC member, entrant, marshal, official or interested individual come along enjoy a drink and catch up with friends old and new.

More of our cars at Mytton Fold

Lancashire Automobile Club Noggin and Natters 2023

We will be getting together for a series of Noggin and Natters at Mytton Fold on June 1st and July 6th. We will be meeting up at the Ribble Suit at the Mytton Fold Hotel, Whalley Road, Langho, BB68AB from 6.00pm.

Entry is free and open to all. So if you are a LAC member, entrant, marshal, official or interested individual come along enjoy a drink and catch up with friends old and new.

Regulations now available for the LAC Kendal 100

Regulations are now available for a new event on our calender the LAC Kendal 100 on the 18th June.

This event recreates an earlt reliability Trial from 1903/4 organised by the North East Lancashire Automobile Club, which shorlty after became the Lancashire Automobile Club. The original event ran from Whalley to Kendal and then retraced it’s steps back to Whalley.

We start from The Mytton Fold Hotel, coffee and bacon butties available, then pass the original start point in Whalley to follow as closely as possible the original route to Kendal.

Modern regualtions mean the return journey cannot return by the same route so we are using roads from othe Reliability Trials to return via the Trough of Bowland to the Mytton Fold Hotel where pie, peas and chips will be served.

Full details, regulations and electronic entry form can by found by clicking on this link.


2023 Annual Dinner Dance and Prize Evening

As normal the Lancashire Automobile Club returned to the great setting of Mitton Hall for it’s Annual Dinner Dance.

The guests arrived to a complimentary glass of bubbly courtesy of the Club before sitting down to a fine meal. Steve Woods said grace and then three course meal was served in exemplary fashion by the Hall’s staff. Martin Wylie then proposed the Loyal Toast to the King, Duke of Lancaster, Lord of Man.

The meal was followed by the prize presentation. The first to receive an award was the ‘young’ Mike Wood who appropriately received the Wood Trophy for his lifelong exploits in rallying and his consistent support of the Club for70 year. During this time he has been a member, Committee Member, Chairman, President, Vice President and Director. Somewhere in the midst of all this he has been the prime mover of several events and organiser of many more including driving and social events. He continues to support the Club assisting in the organisation of the St Georges Day Run, LAC Kendal 100 and Coast to Coast.

The next award was the Attwater Trophy. This is for services to the Club and this year’s winner should be known to many regular entrants. Sandra Williams is our entries Secretary and ensures the smooth running of events. Additionally, she can be found at signing on as well as marshalling on our events. How she has fitted this in over the last couple of years with her other duties is a mystery. She has also been working as part of the Covid vaccination programme.


Next came the RW Clarke Memorial Trophy. This was presented by Ray’s family to the Club. Ray was an organiser of LAC events for many years plus being the Club Treasurer with a watchful eye on the LAC funds. Our winners this year, Norman and Mary Stansfield, have been involved in Lancashire motorsport sprints several decades ago and have recently entered many of our runs, as well as supporting Social Events, whenever possible.

We moved swiftly on to the Jaguar Trophy. This was presented by Jaguar Cars Plc to the LAC for organising their 100 Centenary of Sir William Lyon`s week-long Rally. It is for us to use annually as we wish the only stipulation is that is should go to the driver of a Jaguar. This year the award goes to David Williams someone who does more than most of us with his crazy Jaguar – It is not only his exploits on our events, but the car is regularly used to make money for Charity in both British   and European events. The XJS does not have a standard, gleaming, paint job, but falls well in line with their title – the fantastic Rat Jag.

The Presidents Trophy came next. Our President, Eileen Dyson, has free choice on this one and she chose the Club Chairman, Martin Wylie, for all his hard work over many years supporting and promoting the Club. As an additional surprise for Martin he was also granted Honorary Membership by the Club.

Our premier award The Peter Collins Trophy was not awarded this year as we like to keep it for someone very special not only for the way they take part in motor sport but also the manner in which they do it. The assembled multitude were asked to get their motors out and do something special this year so the award can be presented next year.

However, our last year`s winner: we now thank Andrew Wareing who has presented the Club with an original Programme for the 1958 Silverstone Daily Express Race at which Peter won this glorious trophy. The Programme must always stay inside the Trophy for others to enjoy.

Some of the names in the Programme are iconic, Moss, Hill, Hawthorne, Salvadori, Innes Ireland, David Piper and a host of other international motorsport names.

But, there is also one named driver in the Sports Car Race, again alongside all those same names, Mossy, Hill & Co, who was local to here – that name is John Horridge.  He was driving a Lister Bristol, which interestingly, was raced in the sixties by our own Anthony Taylor.   We are delighted to once again have John`s son, Nick Horridge, a regular attendee at our events, with us tonight.  Nick was asked to stand and take a bow!!

With their meal settled the evening moved on to dancing and general socialising before the raffle was drawn with some great prizes. Proceeds from the raffle will be going to charity.

After this more dancing was the order of the evening until late.

A great event special thanks to Carolyn and Eileen for the organisation at to the members present for making it special.





The Lancashire Automobile Club is assisting the Vintage Sports Car Club to hold an event on Saturday 22 July 2023. LAC Members with suitable cars (see information below) are invited to enter this event.

Full details below.

Have you ever wanted an event with all the components of a rally but slightly more relaxed and sociable? If so the VSCC’s Bowland 23 Rally could be just what you want. LAC & PDVCC are invited clubs and will also be assisting with marshalling duties.

  • 100 miles of superb, motoring roads in an area of outstanding natural beauty
  • Classes for pre-war cars and Category 1 historic rally cars*
  • Choice of straight-forward map reading or easy to follow road book instructions
  • 8 regularities – 1 timed to the second – the rest timed to the minute
  • 4 – 6 ‘special tests’ for everyone
  • Start/Finish at the picturesque Bleasdale Parish Hall
  • Half-way halt in the beautiful Lune Valley
  • Scrutineering, issue of instructions and pre-rally social evening on the Friday
  • Post rally supper of traditional Lancashire Hotpot before the results on Saturday
  • Invited clubs include HRCR, PDVCC, LAC, KLMC, KDMC, KCC and others
  • For further information about the event itself please contact Clerk of the Course, Martin Jelley, on 07757 812703 or jelley145@btinternet.com
  • For Supplementary Regulations and queries about entering contact Secretary of the Meeting, Ethan Harris, on 01608 644777 or harris@vscc.co.uk
  • Volunteers to marshal please contact Chief Marshal, Angie Jones, at ajonesseven@aol.com
  • *Entries welcomed from all pre 1940 cars and all Category 1 historic cars (any car of a type made before 1968) so Minis, MGBs etc from the 1970s are ideal

Bowland 23….a rally with a difference from the Vintage Sports-Car Club.

Sportsman’s Lunch with Mike Knight and Richard Attwood

Sunday 13th November saw Lancashire Automobile Club’s 9th Triennial Motorsport Luncheon at The Stirk House Hotel, Gisburn.
Following an enjoyable lunch almost 100 LAC members and fellow motorsport enthusiasts were entertained by International Driver, Tutor & Designer Mike Knight in conversation with former F1 Driver & Le Mans Winner Richard Attwood.
For the uninitiated Mike Knight is the force behind the Winfield School of Motor Racing for F1 Drivers at Magny Cours & Paul Ricard Circuit, France.
Amongst others “The Playboys” – Pironi, Laffite, Arnoux, Prost, Jarier & Jabouille passed through the hands of instructors Richard & Mike Knight at Magny-Cours.
With over 90 pole positions, 90 Grand Prix wins & 2 F1 World Champions to his credit, we heard the inside story of F1 drivers in the making.
Great day all round with a donation going to the Salvation Army. Here’s to the next Sportsmans in 2025.

How do we give directions for our road runs?

As you know the Lancashire Automobile Club organises several road runs (known as touring assemblies) every year. These are non competitive events taking in some of the finest roads in the north of England and further afield.

Several people have asked how the route directions are given. Well the answer is we use several formats in what we call Route Books. These range from simple written directions, tulip Road Books and Navigational directions.

Leaving the latter aside (these are used only on the Fellsman event and that has alternative Route Books for those not comfortable with full navigation) the normal route book is the Tulip style as used on the St Georges Day Run and Coast to Coast.

Please click on this link to see a Route Book from a previous event.

St Georges Day Route Book Jan

As you can see the Route Book has a number of columns going from left to right we have:

Total Miles – distance from last Control

Inter Miles – distance between instructions. we tend to use the previous tenth of a mile rather than going to the next full tenth so 3.76 miles would be shown as 3.70 rather than 3.80. This is because we think you should tell you to look out for a junction a little before  rather than after it!

Diagram – this is the famous ‘Tulip’ it is simply a pictogram of the junction you enter from the blob at the bottom and leave by the arrow (think of the blob as the tulip bulb and the arrow as the flower any other roads are shown as leaves). So to turn right at a crossroads the pictogram is shown as a cross with the blob at the base and the arrow to the right. If there were traffic lights we would have a little picture of a traffic light or if there was a landmark (normally a pub) we would show it’s location as a little black rectangle, the landmark would be named under Location.

Location – place name could be the location of a control, name of a landmark or the name of a village the route passes through or (if in a box) the location of a place name sign. The last is useful as it can confirm you are on the right road after a complex junction without you travelling to far in the wrong direction or simply to reset you mileage after a long road section to enable finding the next junction easier. We also show Stop and Give Way Signs

Instruction – this is the full written direction for the junction. So in the case of our crossroads the Instruction would be “Turn right at Crossroads” (if there is a signpost we would include that as well so that could be Turn Right at Crossroads SP Mellor).

The whole idea is that we don’t want entrants to get lost so that can really enjoy the day.

We often also have a Route Information Book which tells entrants something about the places they drive through on the event. You can read these on the day or save them for later. See this link

St Georges Day 2019 Route Information

Hope that makes things a little clearer and perhaps we will see you out on one of our events in 2023