ULEZ Exemption

With the expansion of the ULEZ to the boundaries of Greater London any vehicles are being drawn into the net. Vehicles complying with Euro emission standards are however exempt.

The Transport to London (TFL) web site gives the following information

Petrol cars that meet the ULEZ standards are generally those first registered as new with the DVLA after 2005, although cars that meet the standards have been available since 2001. This is Euro 4.

Diesel cars that meet the standards are generally those first registered with the DVLA as new after September 2015. This is Euro 6.

As you can see for petrol that is generally cars registered after 2005 and diesel 2015 but note the web sites say ‘generally’ and this is leading to some confusion. Cars produced prior to these dates may comply but don’t appear on the vehicle checker.

There is a way to get compliant cars registered as exempt by obtaining an ‘exemption certificate’ from the manufacturer. This only applies to a few models which were manufactured to the Euro 4 or 6 standards prior to 2005 or 2015 and there is a charge.

However, the press is now reporting that this exemption is being used by scammers:

“Fraudsters selling counterfeit exemption certification for London’s newly extended ultra low emission zone are advertising widely on social media, Sky News has found.

Adverts on Facebook Marketplace, TikTok, Snapchat, Instagram and WhatsApp claim to be able to make vehicles “ULEZ exempt” in as little as 24 hours using nothing more than the vehicle’s logbook.

Transport for London (TfL) says it is aware of criminals attempting to submit applications and has already removed “many” that it suspects of being fraudulent.”

The only thing we can say is be very careful. If you believe your car is compliant but made before the relevant dates, contact the manufacturer who will confirm the cars eligibility and then if appropriate issue a formal letter for a charge. You can then contact TFL to get your car listed as exempt. Make sure you are not dealing with a fraudster as the consequences could be very expensive at the least.

Southport Ocean Revival Sprint 2023

We have been contacted by Mike Ashcroft; Chairman & Director of Aintree Circuit Club regarding an event on September 16th. The event will be see a ‘new’ sprint event at Southport along the Marine Drive.
I say ‘new’ but actualy is is the revival of an event held long ago. And that leads to a question does anyony out there recall the original event back in the 70’s (as I recall) where the Marine Drive was used as a sprint venue and can let us have details. Any details would be appreciated.
In the meantime the link below takes you to details of this years event.

Mclarens at Shelsey

Members of the Taylor family were out in full force at the Shelsley Walsh Nostalgia Hillclimb.

McLaren cars were celebrated with a 60 year Anniversary.  Anthony and Richard Taylor were invited to take their M1B for a run up the hill. They also invited customers with McLarens to join the fun.    Best of all was David Tatham, from across the Pennines who took the M12 out of 10 years` hibernation, following his father`s death, but brought t over to Autotune for as quick an overhaul as was possible in two full-on weeks.

And then – he only beat the entire Entry list to blast an incredible 30.7 time and take Fastest Time of the Day.  A few tears and more beers for a fantastic end to a great weekend at this wonderful venue.

Pictures from this years Coast to Coast

We have posted photos from this years Coast to Coast on our Gallery. Thanks to Mike Wood and Glyn Hughes for taking them.

Due to the somewhat inclement weather the are less photos than normal but there is a great video of the event.

Take a look at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wj2uYF311tw

Our picture Gallery updated.

We have added to our Picture Gallery photos supplied by Mike Wood, Shawcross Galleries and Glyn Hughes of this years St Georges Day Run and the recent Kendal 100 to our Gallery. To see the photos simply click on Gallery in the banner at the top of the opening page.

There is also a video of the day see:

Video of our St Georges Day Run ‘Passing Pendle’

Paul Hargreaves was out on our St Georges Day Run with his camera and has sent me a nice video of many of you passing over Pendle.

If you want to have a look either click on this link or copy and paste into your browser


By the way Paul plans to be out on the LAC Kendal 100 on the 18th June. Entries for that event are rolling is but currently there are still places left.



Lancashire Automobile Club Noggin and Natters 2023

We will be getting together for a series of Noggin and Natters at Mytton Fold on June 1st and July 6th. We will be meeting up at the Ribble Suit at the Mytton Fold Hotel, Whalley Road, Langho, BB68AB from 6.00pm.

Entry is free and open to all. So if you are a LAC member, entrant, marshal, official or interested individual come along enjoy a drink and catch up with friends old and new.

Fellsman 2022 – Pictures

Mike Wood was out on our Fellsman run with his little Box Brownie taking some fime pictures of the entrants as they passed through some beutiful ccountry lanes.

Warning from Motorsport UK

As you may know the Lancashire Automobile Club (1902) Ltd is a member of several Associations. We have received the following from Chris Woodcock who is the Chairman of ANCC.
The LAC is a Motorsport UK Registered Club and provided we organise our events in accordance with their regulations we, and our members, are covered by specific insurance policies. Additionally compliance with Motorsport UK’s regulations ensures compliance with the Road Traffic Act.
We would therefore like to draw members attention to this notification from the ANCC so they may make an informed decision when entering events.
To all member clubs of The Association of Northern Car Clubs (ANCC)
You may have seen that an event marketing company called Classic and Competition Car Events is promoting a series of events they are marketed as a tour with untimed special stages.
These events are:-
Mintex Rally Yorkshire at Church Fenton Airfield and Harewood 8/9 April
Lombard Rally Festival Newcastle at Witton Castle 16 /17 July
Classic and Competition Car Events Albemarle Barracks 2/3 September
It should be made clear these event have not been granted a Motorsport UK event permit or a stage rally demonstration permit.
Our concern is that as it’s not being run under Motorsport UK regulations this poses a threat to established events should anything unfortunate happen. Events that are organised by Motorsport UK clubs are respected for their safety, good organisation, and staffing by professional volunteers, including good PR work with the local inhabitants.
I am writing to strongly advise you that anyone from your club who plans to take part or be involved in any capacity at these events are made aware that they are not covered by any Motorsport UK insurance and they and their equipment are present totally at their own risk, and will not have access to Motorsport UK legal support if anything goes wrong.
If they do become involved, then it is as an individual and not as part of a Motorsport UK recognised motor club, and must not give any indication that they are there as an Motorsport UK approved official or a safety marshal or radio operator.
The following statement has been issued by Motorsport UK:-
“Only Motorsport UK events held under Organising Permit or Certificate of Exemption are covered by Motorsport UK Master Insurance Policies in respect of Public Liability and Personal Accident. At other events not held under Motorsport UK Permits it is wise to check adequate insurance is in place to protect; drivers, entrants, passengers and officials. Motorsport UK Liability cover is up to £100,000,000 for any one accident Motorsport UK events are also Authorised under the Motor Vehicles Off Road Events Legislation where applicable, which exempts drivers from Sections 1,2 & 3 (dangerous or careless driving) of the Road Traffic Act whilst driving within the rules of the event off the public highway.”
Best Regards,
Chris Woodcock
Chairman ANCC.
Best regards
Chris Woodcock
Association of Northern Car Clubs Ltd

Historic Vehicle community rallies in support of carbon balancing scheme

Federation of British Historic Vehicle Clubs Ltd, PO Box 295, Upminster, Essex, RM14 9DG
Tel: 01708 223111 E-mail: secretary@fbhvc.co.uk Web: www.fbhvc.co.uk
Registered Office: The Barn, Holly Berry House, Hamstall Ridware, Rugeley, Staffordshire, WS15 3SQ Registered in England No 3842316 VAT Reg No. 636 788683
Immediate release: 10 March 2022

Historic Vehicle community rallies in support of carbon balancing scheme

The FBHVC (Federation of British Historic Vehicle Clubs) announced a carbon balancing
scheme to the historic vehicle community last December.

Whilst recognising that the carbon footprint of the historic vehicle movement is already
immeasurably small, with the entire community accounting for less than 0.25% of the total
mileage on UK roads, the offer of carbon balancing has been incredibly well-supported by
historic vehicle owners.

The Federation’s scheme offers individuals, clubs and those organising events within the
historic vehicle community a quick and convenient way to carbon balance their emissions
thanks to the planting of new woodland here in the UK. Importantly, that woodland will also
be planted using native species to best contribute to the local ecosystem. Planting in this way
also brings with it a host of other benefits, including increased biodiversity, creation of
recreational spaces and flood mitigation to name a few.

So far since last December the historic vehicle community has successfully carbon
balanced 553,564 miles.

The carbon balanced to date has been achieved through a combination of individual
contributions from vehicle owners via www.trees.fbhvc.co.uk and those of clubs and event
organisers. The FBHVC and Tree-V scheme is adaptable to the wide variety of activities that
the historic community gets involved in with, using an equally diverse range of vehicles.
The Federation and Tree-V scheme employs a carbon calculator, which uses annual mileage
and mile per gallon data to calculate the tonnes of CO2 emitted by a vehicle each year.
This figure is then used to purchase the equivalent amount of Carbon Units.
When an individual carbon balances their expected annual mileage, they receive a welcome
pack through the post explaining how their contribution is to be used and what their impact
on carbon balancing has been, plus a sticker for either the vehicle’s bumper, windscreen or
other easily visible area to show the public that the vehicle owner has contributed to the

The scheme will be carbon capturing the Brighton Speed Trials, commonly held to be the
oldest running speed event in the world. Other early adopters have included the MG Car
Club Midland Centre with its Welsh Touring Rally and Club Triumph’s Coast to Coast rally.
Static events are also getting in on the act with The Guernsey Classic Vehicle Club carbon
capturing all the exhibiting vehicles at their Annual Show. North Norfolk Classic Vehicle Club,
who have committed to capturing all of their events, have even appointed a Carbon
Balancing Officer to work with the scheme throughout the year.

The scheme has also extended its reach to Transport Museums as well, with Dundee
Museum of Transport and Dover Transport Museum both capturing the miles their collections cover whenever they travel to displays, it’s already proved to be an engaging way for
museums to demonstrate their green credentials to visitors and the wider public.
As news of the scheme has spread throughout the historic vehicle community, individuals,
clubs and museums have now been joined by a wide variety of businesses. These have
already covered a wide variety of companies like Genus Digitisation, who are now capturing
their fleet of work vans that cover mileage in the execution of their work on the preservation
of historical artefacts and documents.

Travel company Bespoke Rallies are also now offering their participants the chance to
capture their epic adventures and the events company Great British Motor Shows are
enabling visitors to capture travel to all of their shows.
Tom Worthington, from Tree-V reacted to the ground swell of support saying,
“We’re passionate about the environment and driving in equal measure, so our ambition is to
help as many of our fellow hobbyists still enjoy their passion without disregarding the impact
of the motor industry and its enthusiasts on the environment. We are thrilled to see that the
historic vehicle community has come out in support of this and we believe that it will help us
spread the message that all our historic vehicles, from vintage to modern, should continue to
be enjoyed on UK roads, by offsetting and capturing the albeit negligible amounts of
David Whale, Federation Chairman says,
“The historic vehicle community is not only a very adaptable movement, but also very socially
responsible. Historic vehicles have a place on tomorrow’s roads and it’s vital that we
continue to enjoy our transport heritage unhindered. This scheme allows us to carbon
balance the very tiny and insignificant amount of mileage we undertake whilst demonstrating
that we wish to contribute to a net carbon neutral future in a positive way.”
You can see more information and offset your mileage at www.trees.fbhvc.co.uk