The LAC Classic Challenge

Classic Challenge 2019



The Challenge enables drivers, navigators and organisers to claim points for each event. Points will be recorded on a simple scorecard which must be sent to the Championship Compiler, Chris Lee, before the 20th January 2020.


The Lancashire Automobile Club ‘Classic Challenge’ is a social challenge and does not reflect any element of competition within the events or for completion of any event. Merely taking part, as an entrant or organiser, is sufficient for points to be claimed in the challenge.

  • Points may be claimed for each Lancashire Automobile Club Classic event by drivers, navigators and organsiers who are fully paid up members of the Club on 25th October 2019.
  • Organisers of events may claim points for events as set out below

Lancashire Automobile Club Classic events are defined as:

    • Any two LAC Social Events (please state dates on Scorecard)
    • St Georges Day Run                           28th April    The Fellsman                  18th May
    • Manchester to Blackpool Car Run   9th June      Coast to Coast Car Run   13th July
    • Highland 3 Day Classic Tour            20th – 22nd September (see note below)
    • Royal Lancashire Show (as part of the LAC display)
  • Points will be awarded as follows:
  • Attending LAC Social events – 20 points (max 2 events) 10 bonus points for 2020 AGM
  • Entering LAC Run                     5 points
  • Starting LAC Run 20 points (Manchester to Blackpool and Coast to Coast) 30 points (St Georges Day and Fellsman  (see note on Highland 3 Day below)
  • Taking part in Concours (Manchester to Blackpool and Coast to Coast)                 30 points

To claim points entrants should fill in the Championship ‘scorecard’ and send it to Chris Lee.

Scorecards must be sent to the Challenge Organiser on or before the 20th January 2020.


  • An award will be given to the Overall, Driver, Navigator and Organiser with the highest scores. An entrant may only receive one award. Where a Driver or Navigator acts as an organiser on two events those score will count towards the overall score as a Driver or Navigator.
  • Any ties may be resolved by the Club Committee taking into account the type and condition of vehicle(s) used.
  • “Silverware/Awards” will be presented at the annual Bash at Mitton Hall on Friday 28th February 2020 along with other club Awards. Contact Carolyn Taylor 01254 385413 for tickets.

Note – Highland 3 Day Owing to the nature of this event points may be claimed as follows:

Entering the event               5 points                  Starting Day ‘0’     5 points          Starting Day One 10 points

Starting Day Two                10 points               Starting Day Three 10 points

Chris Lee

Championship Compiler