45th annivesary of the sale of the Longridge Racing Circuit

This year sees the 45th annivesary of the sale of the Longridge Racing Circuit, last race was in 1978. Lancashire Automobile Club ran the first and the majority of the races there.
The circuit, in the bottom of a quarry, was reportably the shortest racing circuit in the UK and possibly the world. It created a fantastic ‘clubby’ atmosphere loved by competitors, officials and crowds alike.
Initially the powers that be were very concerned about running full races on the track and after much persuasion by Gavin Frew, Tony Iddon, Les Braithwiate, Stan Foulds and others gave the club a permit to run 6 car grids. This proved a success and later the grid size was increased to 8 and finally 10 cars. The plan was to increase to 12 in 1979 but it wasn’t to be.
Longridge is possibly unique in that three different drivers in three different cars jointly hold the official lap record. They were Kim Mather in a F1 BRM, Warren Booth in a F2 (LOtus I think) and Bob Prest in a Mallock U2.
Racing was always close and exciting and as well as karts, Scooters, car Sprints, car races and bike races the circuit also saw stage rallying, rallycross, and 2CV across; quite a mixture.
f anyone has any pictures or films of the circuit in action and would like to share them with fellow enthusiasts please contact Chris Lee chrislee1275@aol.com
The picture shows just a taste of the spectacle. Going from top left we have John Kent (who won every Formula Ford race he entered at Longridge) leading the pack of Formula Fords into the first bend known as The Esses.
Top right is Brian Whiting in his Escort rounding Weighbridge Corner onto the Start/Finish Straight.
Bottom right is Eike Wellhausen and Brian Murphy in the E Types exiting Paddock Bend and entering Rock Straight.
Bottom left is Vic Mills in the thunderous Capri again in the Esses.
Finally the centre shot is lap record holder Warren Booth on the left with his arch rival Joe Applegarth alongside him in a very close finish – oh and the handsome young man with the flag is a much younger version of me.