Video of the Rally of the Bridges

Remember the lockdown when nothing happened?

Well the LAC managed to run a COVID compliant event in the midst of all the restrictions. We were event checked out by the local council and given the thumbs up.

The event was based on an earlier event from the early 1950’s when the Lancashire Automobile Club organised a number of 12 car rallies and navigational events. One event known as the Rally of the Bridges was organised by Bill Turner (later President of the LAC).

Thanks to the long memory of Mike Wood and other inputs we recreated the Rally of the bridges which essentially required the entrants to navigate their way over most of the canal bridges between Preston and Lancaster in both directions.

Current regulations did not allow this as ‘double’ road usage is not permitted. The route therefore replicated the original in that it crossed most of the canal bridges but in order to have a return route incorporated as many rail, motorway and river bridges as possible on the return leg, we hope enjoy this bit of LAC history.

Many thanks to Jeff for putting together this video and to Mike Wood for providing many of the photos.

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