Mike Wood’s Video of the 1969 San Remo Rally

Mike is famous for his exploits in the works Mini Coopers and Datsun 240Z accompanying Tony Fall but his rallying history is much broader than that.

In the 1969 San Remo Mike was in the hot seat alongside Hannu Mikkola in a works Escort Twin Cam. Their event ended with an accident but Mike pictures of the event are well worth watching.

As an aside Jan and I were on holiday in Italy this summer and we stayed in the Hotel Londres in San Remo. As you walk down a long corridor to the main dining room there is a large display cabinet. In it, although in need of a good polish, are trophies from the San Remo Rally. Whilst we were looking a member of the hotel staff came up and started to talk about the rally. I mentioned Mike. ‘Oh yes’ he said ‘he was Tony Fall’s navigator.’ Apparently the man was working there since the late 1960’s.

Enjoy the video. Please Click on link below or copy and paste into your browser.