Lancashire Automobile Club – Navigator’s Handbook

The Lancashire Automobile Club is one of the oldest motor clubs in the world and has a long history of organising events both on the highway and track. Amongst the current events are a number of road events, known as Touring Assemblies.

Some of these events, such as the St Georges Day Rally, Great Manchester to Blackpool Car Run and the Coast to Coast Classic Car Run, require simple navigation techniques but others such as the Fellsman involve more advanced navigational knowledge.

To assist entrants and to promote these events the club has prepared a Navigator’s Handbook which explores the various techniques and gives useful pointers and tips to entrants new and old. With 19 pages and 28 sections the Handbook covers many types of navigation from Tulips to Herringbones as well as in car organisation and control etiquette.

Compiled by the Club’s Competition Secretary, Chris Lee, the Handbook draws on over 40 years experience of preparing route books, competing in events and driving course cars. The book has been checked over by rallying legend Mike Wood and will be a boon to anyone taking part in navigational road events.

So if you want to know about Tulips and Herringbones or the difference between Clock Face and Clock Hand directions download the Navigator’s Handbook.

Chris Lee
Vice President & Competition Secretary
Lancashire Automobile Club (Est 1902)