Cheshire Lanes Run – Visit to Adam Sykes

On the 18th October we will be doing something new. That’s a pretty hard thing to do after 122 years but we are going to organise a visit to Adam Sykes Emporium in Cheshire by staging a ‘Social Run’. Social Runs are different to our normal Motorsport UK sanctioned Touring Assemblies.

A social Run is for like minded motoring enthusiasts to enjoy a run together. They are defined by Motorsport UK as:

A non-competitive run for likeminded participants where there is no other purpose than the camaraderie of motoring in company to a predetermined point and which is not within the jurisdiction of the Motorsport UK.

Social Runs were created to help the one make/marque car clubs, who organise these types of activities, and already have their own insurance cover. They are social gatherings that involve driving to a location rather than a motoring event.

Social Runs do not require a permit or exemption and are not covered by Motorsport UK insurance policies.

Adam Sykes has invited Lancashire Automobile Club (1902) Ltd club members to his premises where there are two large showrooms crmmed full with an ever changing stock of vintage and classic racing cars as well as vintage, Classic and more modern machinery.

Whilst it is a social run we do ask you to enter using the Club’s entry system so we can keep track on who will be attanding. If you only wish to visit Adams please enter the run, it’s free by the way, that way you will get full details.

Full details of the run, some 24 miles, and timings will be available shortly as well a details of how to register

Please bring your vintage, classic or cherished car to add to the interest of your fellow enthusiasts on the day.