Video of the Sir William Lyons Centenary Event

In 2001 Lancashire Automobile Club was approached by Jaguar cars to help with the celebrations of Sir William Lyons birth one hundred years previously.

The event was centred on Blackpool, where Sir William was born, and after a week of runs moved yo Coventry and the Browns Lane factory where a glittering evening event took place.

Ronn Middleton was our Clerk of Course and entrants cam from all over the world.

Click on the link to see ‘Top Dog of the Big Cats’ which went out on ITV.

Top Dog of the Big Cats – Sir William Lyons Centenary 2001

In 2001 Jaguar Cars celebrated the 100th anniversary of Sir William Lyons birth. As he was born in Lancashire the Lancashire Automobile Club was asked to organise a series of events based initialy in Blackpool and then Coventry. This video was made to record the event. You may catch glimpses of a, very, young Ronn Middleton (Clerk of Course and a few others you may recognise.

Posted by Lancashire Automobile Club – 1902 Ltd on Monday, 17 August 2020