Lancashire Automobile Club – Dinner Dance 2024

Wow what an evening. The Lancashire Automobile Club Dinner Dance proved to be a great success with the Mitton Fold Hotel really looking out for us with a wonderful setting and a great meal.

The evening continues a 122 year tradition, minus a few years due to two world wars, of kicking the season off in style and presnting  few awards to Club members for their efforts in supporting the Club.

The pictures from top left to bottom right show Adrian Dean with the Wood Trophy presnted for all his work in getting the Club involved in the Tree V initiative to absorb the carbon generated by our road events.

Next is Anthony Taylor getting the Attwater Trophy for services to the club in getting our monthlu Noggin and Natters back on the calendar and ensuring their success.

Then, top right, we have Jeff Chambers who has taken over Entries Secretary and created the wonderful Videos of Club events which we have been sharing with you recieving the RW Clarke Memorial Trophy.

To the left of the second row is David Barnes who is a regular entrant in his immaculate E Type recieving his ‘Leaper’ which was donated by Jaguar Cars to the Club for organising the Sir William Lyons Cetenary road runs.

Centre is Alan Wilson recieving a Special Award from the Club for his support in designing, organising and making the replicas of the original commemorative medals from the first Kendal 100 in 1904 is silver given to participents in the Kendal 100 last year.

The premier award went to Tom Hardman who has been a leading vintage and historic car racer with mounts including including Maserati 6CM, Bugatti Type 35B and ERA. He is globally respected and internationally renowned for expert product knowledge.

Finaly we came to the Presidents award which was presnted to our Master of Ceremonies, Chris Lee for 55 years of service to the Club.

With the formal bit out of the way the Disco took over with dancing to midnight.

A really great way to kick off the season.