8mm Film of the First Veteran and Vintage Car Run

Howard Greenwood of the Pendle Movie Makers emailed the club with details of a film of the 1963 Manchester to Blackpool which he has put on YouTube. It’s over 17 mins long!

The film is fascinating for many reasons. The cars on the run are all vintage and at least one is steam powered.

Of interest to us now is what is going on in the background. At the time they were the modern everyday cars. Now, they could be entrants!

“This standard 8mm transferred film shot on 21st April 1963, shows a wide range of cars from yesteryear on a rally from Manchester to Blackpool. There are many makes of cars at least one of which is steam driven. Iv (SIC) manged to save this old film as much as possible, but due to damaged sprocket holes at the begining the picture has a tendency to jitter slightly but clears up shortly after. This film is a must for all vintage car enthusiasts and to the people of the Lancashire Automobile club who arranged this event back in 1963.”

Howard Greenwood ( A Member of the Pendle Movie Makers Group )