St George’s Day Run – FBHVC Drive It Day

This event is a Touring Assembly and as such is untimed. Navigation is easy and the event suits newcomers to road events it is held on the Sunday nearest to St Georges Day annualy.

Route is some 100 miles with instructions using both simple ‘tulip diagrams’ and written instructions. All entrants receive a Route Book giving full directions .

Entry is open to all Vintage, Classic and Cherished cars of any age. Membership of the Lancashire Automobile Club is not required although members do recieve a discount on theie entry fee.

This event is in support of the FBHVC Drive it day

The Federation of British Historic Vehicles Club urges all owners of licensed historic vehicles to use them St George’s Day in April – every year. The ‘Drive it Day‘ will be a truly national annual event and one that all enthusiasts can take part in wherever they live.

It’s not necessary for owners to go to a show or to take part in an event, FBHVC just wants owners to get their vehicles out so they can be seen by the public. If the vehicle is suitable, it could be used instead of modern transport for daily activity. Owners could use them to go to work take a trip to the seaside, enjoy a day out in the country, visit a stately home or just go shopping.

FBHVC exists to uphold the freedom to use old vehicles. Drive It Day is part of an ongoing campaign to raise public awareness of the historic vehicle movement. “After all,” Tony Beadle (the committee member who came up with the idea) asks, “what’s the point in fighting for a freedom if we don’t make the best possible use of it? “I thought St Georges Day would be a singularly appropriate day to choose to celebrate the glorious variety of mechanised road transport heritage that we have in this country because on that day in 1900, 64 cars set out from London on the first day of the famous Thousand Mile Trial – an incredible undertaking by those early motor cars and their pioneering drivers, and one which deserves annual celebration.”

Regulations for this years event re now avaiable please click on ‘St Georges Day Run’ in the Events Calendar.