History Project

Founded in 1902 the Lancashire Automobile Club is now into its second century. It has been around throughout a remarkable period of motoring and social change.

The club has a very rich history but much of it is dispersed in old records, dusty lofts and people’s memories. Modern technology however gives us the opportunity to collate this history, share it and record it for posterity.

We want to bring together documents, photographs, memoirs and stories of the Lancashire Automobile Club. It’s going to be a long project, a century plus makes for a lot of history, and much of the documentation is in hard copy, but we’re very excited by it.  We’re only at the very start of the project so far but do keep checking back to see how we’re getting along.

If you have any LAC related items or stories we would love to hear from you. Also, if you want to help with the history project we would love to have you join the team. You can email us at info@lancsautoclub.com

Go to the club timeline to see the projects progress and thank you for your support.