Committee Members

Lancashire Automobile Club (1902) Limited is a Limited Company

Registered in England at Companies House, Cardiff,
Company Registration Number: 12277995.

Committee Members

President Eileen Dyson

Chairman Martin Wylie

Adrian Dean

Duncan Hopkinson (Minutes Secretary)

Carolyn Taylor

Anthony Taylor

Steve Woods

Mike Wood

Dennis Walton

Jeff Chambers

Honorary VICE Presidents

David W.R. Taylor, Christopher D Lee, J.Michael Wood, G Anthony Taylor, David W Bell, Ronn Middleton, Paul Ratcliffe, Carolyn Taylor, Martin Wylie


Andrew Ogden (Members Representative and All Torque coordinator)

Chris Lee (Competition Secretary and Chief Marshal)

Safeguarding Officer (MotorSport UK) Carolyn Taylor

Ex Officio Committee Members

Paul Ratcliffe

Michael Hanson


Christopher D Lee, Michael Raven, Richard Murtha, Andrew Ogden


Stephen Procter, A.C.A.,


Stephen Proctor

LAC Registered Office:

24 Aylesby Close, Knutsford, WA16 8AE