Welcome to the Lancashire Automobile Club - Established in 1902 the Lancashire Automobile Club (1902) Ltd is the second oldest motor club in the UK dedicated to the interests of motorists in the region. Organising both motoring and social events, the LAC has something for everybody, from car runs (touring assemblies) and static shows to the Annual Dinner Dance and Triennial Sportsmans … Continue reading "Welcome to the Lancashire Automobile Club"
Mike Wood’s Video of the 1969 San Remo Rally - Mike is famous for his exploits in the works Mini Coopers and Datsun 240Z accompanying Tony Fall but his rallying history is much broader than that. In the 1969 San Remo Mike was in the hot seat alongside Hannu Mikkola in a works Escort Twin Cam. Their event ended with an accident but Mike pictures … Continue reading "Mike Wood’s Video of the 1969 San Remo Rally"
Video of the 2007 Coast to Coast - Continuing with our series of videos – looking back to 2007 this time. Jeff Chambers has put together this short video of pictures from the 2007 Coast to Coast. That year was one of the rare occasions we didn’t actually start right on the coast. Instead the Clerk of Course, Ronn Middleton, opted for the … Continue reading "Video of the 2007 Coast to Coast"
LAC Dinner Dance  Friday 23rd February 2024 - LAC Dinner Dance  Friday 23rd February 2024, at 7.00pm for 7.30pm. As in recent years we are at the Mitton Hall Hotel, near Whalley. Start the season with a bang and come along to our annual get together. Enjoy a great food, good wine, great company and a great Venue Complimentary Glass of Fizz on … Continue reading "LAC Dinner Dance  Friday 23rd February 2024"
Annual Christmas Get Together 2023 - Our annual Christmas Get Together at the Brown Cow in Chatburn will be on Wednesday 13th December organised by Eileen Dyson as always. The price is £28.00 and there is a two course menu with a choice of four Mains and four desserts to cover most tastes. The meal is open to all and we … Continue reading "Annual Christmas Get Together 2023"
Kendal 100 short Video - Once again many thanks to Jeff Chambers for putting this together. Thought you might like to see a short video of cars on our Kendal 100 touring assembly last June Click on link:
Video of Lancashire Automobile Club’s early St Georges Day Runs - Jeff Chambers has continued to beaver away producing another video of photographs from LAC events. This time he has looked at the early days of our St Georges Day Run. Many of  you may remember taking part in these events or have seen the pass by. Some of you may see cars you now own … Continue reading "Video of Lancashire Automobile Club’s early St Georges Day Runs"
Manchester to Blackpool Video of the early events back in the 1960’s - Another video from the LAC photo archives. This time Jeff Chambers has made a video of the Manchester to Blackpool Run from it’s early days back in the 1960’s. Some great cars we often wonder where they all are these days. Click on link below or copy and paste into your browswer. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nv2_jVyDW9I
Video of early Coast to Coast Runs - Jeff Chambers has been working away putting another video of Lancashire Automobile Club’s history together. This one is of the early Coast to Coast Runs which usually started from Blackpool and finished in Scarborough. You may well see some familiar faces and sadly some who have passed away over the years. Click on link below … Continue reading "Video of early Coast to Coast Runs"
Morecambe Rally 1959 - Morecambe Rally 1959   Following our earlier video on the Lancashire Automobile Club’s Morecambe Rally in the early 1950’s we now have a film of the event in 1959 before it moved into the forests.   We are privileged that Mike Wood competed on several Morecambe Rallies and here are some of his recollections and … Continue reading "Morecambe Rally 1959"
LAC Blackpool Rally in the 1930’s - A few weeks ago we posted a short video about the Morecambe Rally back in the early 1950’s. This has prompted LAC Member Geoff Isherwood to put pen to paper and give us more information about the event and the Blackpool Rally which predates the Morecambe and ran in the 1930’s. This helps explain one … Continue reading "LAC Blackpool Rally in the 1930’s"
LAC September Noggin and Natter - We had our September Noggin and Natter at Mytton Fold yesterday evening. Many thanks to all who came and made for a very pleasant evening. Click on this link to get a taste of the event. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7vsguBBxH6I We are looking to change the format for the longer winter evenings before moving back to the ‘bring … Continue reading "LAC September Noggin and Natter"
LAC Speed Events over the years. - Jeff Chambers has just, today, finished a short video of the Club’s Sprint and Hillclimb events over the years. Many thanks to Mike Wood for allowing us to delve into his archives and to all the members who provided pictures over the years. Look carefully and you may well spot some familiar faces. Click on … Continue reading "LAC Speed Events over the years."
1950’s Morecame Rally - For all of you into 1950’s rallying we now have an excellent video giving a taste of the Morecambe Rally which Lancashire Automobile Club organised in the early to mid 50’s. Some interesting cars including Peter Appleyards famous Jaguar XK120 reg NUB120. Many thanks to Mike Wood and Jeff Chambers for the material and production.
Coast to Coast Classic Car Run - LAC Coast to Coast July 2023 Well it had to happen eventually. After over 30 years running the event we managed to coincide with the monsoon season in Yorkshire! It might be worth describing the Lancashire Automobile Club’s Coast to Coast. It is a Touring Assembly for Vintage, Classic and Cherished cars starting from the … Continue reading "Coast to Coast Classic Car Run"
The LAC Kendal 100 – An entrants view. - For the first time in almost 50 years I actually entered a Lancashire Automobile Club road event. Yes after organising for all this time I finaly took a back seat on the day and entered. My navigator for the day was Glyn Hughes, who is one of our regular marshals on these events so really … Continue reading "The LAC Kendal 100 – An entrants view."
2023 Annual Dinner Dance and Prize Evening - As normal the Lancashire Automobile Club returned to the great setting of Mitton Hall for it’s Annual Dinner Dance. The guests arrived to a complimentary glass of bubbly courtesy of the Club before sitting down to a fine meal. Steve Woods said grace and then three course meal was served in exemplary fashion by the … Continue reading "2023 Annual Dinner Dance and Prize Evening"
How do we give directions for our road runs? - As you know the Lancashire Automobile Club organises several road runs (known as touring assemblies) every year. These are non competitive events taking in some of the finest roads in the north of England and further afield. Several people have asked how the route directions are given. Well the answer is we use several formats … Continue reading "How do we give directions for our road runs?"
Drive it Day – NSPCC Donation - Lancashire Automobile Club (1902) Ltd. Thought you might like to see the Certificate which we recieved for our donation to the NSPCC the chosen charity of the FBHVC for this years Drive it Day. Many thanks to all who took part and enables us to make this donation.
Lancashire Automobile Club in Classic Car Weekly - This weeks Classic Car Weekly has a two page spread and report on our St Georges Day Run. Some great pictures of the entrants and their wonderful cars. Many thanks to all who took part and special thanks to the marshals and officials who made it all possible. We have now posted many of the … Continue reading "Lancashire Automobile Club in Classic Car Weekly"
Coast to Coast Classic Car Run 10th July 2021 - Last Saturday saw our 28th Coast to Coast Classic Car Run. Starting as normal from the Midland Hotel in Morecambe, who made us most welcome, we made our way via the Lune and Wray valley’s to the Helwith Bridge Inn who couldn’t have been more accomodating. After a refreshment stop we went via Malham and … Continue reading "Coast to Coast Classic Car Run 10th July 2021"