Manchester to Blackpool Classic Car Run Regulations now available

After the Rally of the Bridges on Saturday the 22nd May we will move to our Manchester to Blackpool Classic Car Run on Sunday 13th June.

Things will be a little different this year as we adapt to the current situation. Firstly we won’t be having a lunch halt as in past years but there will be a comfort/refreshment break mid morning. The Finish will move from The Italian Gardens in Blackpool to Princess Parade on the seafront on the seaward side of the Metropole Hotel.

The changes mean that we won’t be having a ‘Concours’ as we are not allowed to park the cars up at the finish. So the event will be a simple run but will continue to have a choice of routes for you to enjoy.

Regulations can be found by clicking this link


Rally of the Bridges Regulations now available

Following the St George’s Day Run our next event is the ‘Rally of the Bridges’ on Saturday 22nd May.
This event starts and finishes in Garstang at The Wheatsheaf PH and covers some 76 miles. It is intended to recreate the spirit of an event run in the early 1950’s which as the name implies crossed as many bridges as possible over the Lancaster Canal. The original event had controls and re used many of the roads on the way back south. We can’t re use roads these days and timing is of course not allowed but we have created a simple road book similar to the one used and instead of re using roads we have devised a route back to Garstang crossing river birdges to the east of the A6.

Click on link for regulations. Rally of the Bridges Day Regs 2021

St George’s Day 22nd May 2021- Photographs

St George’s Day – Photographs

We hope you enjoyed our run – it was great to see so many fantastic cars and happy people! The weather was a real bonus but we can’t promise that on future events!

I don’t know if you noticed but we had a couple of photographers our on the event. Mike Wood and Eileen Dyson picked a couple of sutable vantage points en route and Nigel Bentley was at the coffee halt so managed to get most of you as you arrived. Alan Shaw was also out on the route and got some fine pictures.

We can let you have copies of the photographs free of charge if you would like a memory of the event. Nigel Bentley will send pictures direct if you email him at:

If you would like one of Mike’s or Eileen’s pictures simply email me at and I will see if he managed to get a shot of you.

Obviously Mike and Eileen probably haven’t got everyone so we may not have your picture out on the run itself.

I have copies of all Alan Shaw’s pictures so I will check them as well if you ask. All Alan’s pictures should credit Alan if you circulate furether

Both Nigel and I will need your reg number and vehicle description to identify you.

Hoping to see you on the 22nd May for our Rally of the Bridges.

Please click on link to read Alan Shaw’s report on the event


Rally of the Bridges Sat 22nd May

Following the St George’s Day Run our next event is the ‘Rally of the Bridges’ on Saturday 22nd May.
This event starts and finishes in Garstang at The Wheatsheaf PH and covers some 76 miles. It is intended to recreate the spirit of an event run in the early 1950’s which as the name implies crossed as many bridges as possible over the Lancaster Canal. The original event had controls and re used many of the roads on the way back south. We can’t re use roads these days and timing is of course not allowed but we have created a simple road book similar to the one used and instead of re using roads we have devised a route back to Garstang crossing river birdges to the east of the A6.
We hope you will enjoy the event. Regulations Rally of the Bridges Day Regs 2021

Hannu Mikkola a few words from our own Mike Wood

I got to know Hannu quite well more or less when he first came onto the International Rally scene driving on a couple of events or so for Datsun. He was already recognised in his home country of Finland as a up and coming driver and maybe because of my own connection with established Finish drivers, Timo Makinen, Rauno Aaltonen and Simo Lampinen, just to name a few, we immediately connected with each other. At the end of 1968 and because of the British Leyland take over, BMC closed the Competition Department, this meant that almost all the established drivers and co-drivers were out of jobs. However, the Ford Competition Department at Boreham already had their eye on Hannu and signed him up for the 1969 season. They of course needed a co-driver/navigator to sit alongside him and I am pleased to say that Roger Clarke, already a established member of the Ford Rally Team recommended myself as a suitable applicant. I was duly interviewed by the then Ford Comp Manager, Bill Barnet and because of Roger’s recommendation and presumably my own International Rally experience I was offered the position of co-driver to Hannu, an offer I immediately accepted. The full Ford Works Team for 1969 were Roger Clarke and Jim Porter, Ove Anderson, I can’t remember his co-driver and Hannu and myself.

I have to say that year 1969 with Hannu was not all that successful. Our first event would be the Monte Carlo Rally, but just before we were due to start our recce I damaged my knee so I was replaced by Jim Porter, Roger Clarke’s regular co-driver, they duly finished the rally in 6th place I think, Roger and myself did ice notes for the team. Our next event was San Remo Rally which we failed to finish due to a accident. The next event was the Austrian Alpine Rally which we won; we then went to Greece for the Acropolis Rally and failed to finish due to a broken rear brake. Our next event was the French Alpine Rally and we failed to finish that one due to a suspension problem and our final 1969 Rally was the RAC Rally which we failed to finish again due to a big going off in Dalby Forest in Yorkshire, so apart from the win in Austria, not a very good year.

At the end of 1969 my contract with Ford was terminated and I was replaced as co-driver to Hannu with fellow Scandinavian, Swede, Gunnar Palm. Ove Anderson’s contract was also terminated and he was replaced by Timo Makinen. I actually never found out why I was not retained although I think pressure may have been brought to bear by Ford Sweden for Gunnar to sit with Hannu. I have no qualms about this, Gunnar was one of the very best co-drivers around and he was and still is a very good friend of mine. Hannu and Gunnar continued together with huge success, one of which was their win on the 1970 World Cup Rally.

Hannu Mikkola was one of the best drivers in the world and at the time he was competing, probably the very best. Apart from his driving skills he was also a lovely guy, great sense of humour and very easy to get on with, I cannot remember us having a cross word when we were together. We always remained friends and it was a tremendous shock when I heard that he had died, I will sadly miss him.

Mike Wood.

Phot copyright Mike Wood

Motorsport UK hails Government plan to quash the EU ‘Vnuk’ motor insurance law a “significant victory”

Motorsport UK hails Government plan to quash the EU ‘Vnuk’ motor insurance law a “significant victory”
Motorsport UK is delighted to announce to its community the news that its considerable efforts alongside the UK government to defeat the threat of the Vnuk insurance issue have been successful.
In a press release issued earlier today, the Department for Transport confirmed that it is taking the necessary steps to exempt the UK – and consequently UK motorsport – from the implications of the EU Motor Insurance Directive.
The news will be met with enormous support and relief by everyone in the UK motorsport community, as the sport will no longer be vulnerable to the requirement for insurance even on private land for a wide range of ‘vehicles’. The EU rules would have meant any motorsport collision in the UK involving vehicles from karting to F1 would have been treated as regular road traffic accidents requiring insurance. The financial implications would have posed an existential threat to motorsport, risking tens of thousands of jobs in the process.
David Richards, Chairman of Motorsport UK, welcomed today’s announcement by Transport Secretary Grant Shapps and extended his appreciation to all who supported Motorsport UK in their efforts to secure this crucial decision and protect the future of the sport.
“Today’s announcement is a hugely significant victory for the UK and our sport, after a considerable effort by Motorsport UK and the Department of Transport over several years to defeat the threat of the Vnuk insurance issue,” he commented. “This decision provides stability as we seek to progress our sustainability agenda and protects the UK’s preeminent position at the forefront of motorsport technology worldwide. I would like to thank all those who played a part in securing this important outcome, including the MIA and the insurance industry.”
Vnuk continues to apply in the EU where the FIA is making robust representations for a motorsport exemption to apply. Although not directly involved in that consultation now, Motorsport UK continues to liaise with the FIA regarding the detail because it will apply to UK participants in the EU – unless it is repealed.
© Motorsport UK 2021. All rights reserved.
The registered company address of Motorsport UK Association Limited, trading as Motorsport UK, is Motorsport UK, Bicester Motion, Oxfordshire,OX27 8FY.
Registered in England. Company registration number: 1344829. | VAT no: GB242304895.

Latest from the FBHVC

Federation of British Historic Vehicle Clubs Ltd, PO Box 295, Upminster, Essex, RM14 9DG
Tel: 01708 223111 E-mail: Web:
Registered Office: The Barn, Holly Berry House, Hamstall Ridware, Rugeley, Staffordshire, WS15 3SQ Registered in England No 3842316 VAT Reg No. 636 788683
11 February 2021
For immediate release

FBHVC urges patience as work continues with DVLA to resolve historic vehicle owners’ concerns.

The Federation of British Historic Vehicle Clubs is sympathetic to the enormous challenges that the Driver & Vehicle Licensing Agency faces during the on-going pandemic. DVLA continue to receive tens of thousands of items of mail each week and the Federation believes that for a high percentage of drivers and vehicle operators, the agency performs a viable and efficient service.

The Federation also acknowledges the efforts of the staff at Swansea in achieving the continuation of services during the current times, despite reports of a significant outbreak of Covid-19 within the Agency, with some 500 cases quoted. The impact that this outbreak will have on the DVLA providing services due to staff shortages is very understandable.

The Federation, whilst sensitive to the challenges we are all facing, has continued to work on behalf of the historic vehicle community during the pandemic. One of the key areas of the Federation’s work remains within continued dialogue with the DVLA on a range of matters on behalf of historic vehicle owners and clubs.

During the pandemic, the Federation has been pursuing five particular policy matters of significant concern to the interests of Federation members and the community that they represent.

These are broadly outlined as follows:

• Non-acceptance of ‘Date of Manufacture’ number marked on vehicles.
• Statement of a requirement to notify DVLA when a vehicle is dismantled.
• Special case V765 registrations.
• Vehicles originally supplied as CKD (meaning ‘Completely Knocked Down’).
• Original and copied documents and new bodies on re-constructed classics.

The Federation’s work in resolving concerns around these DVLA policies was not helped by a communication received that stated in each of the five cases; “This action point is now considered closed”, whilst discussions were very much still on-going. However, the Federation wishes to stress in no uncertain terms that post pandemic, these matters will be raised again with the utmost urgency and historic vehicle owners are assured that the subjects have not been put to one side.

A further example of a matter of concern currently being pursued with DVLA, involves one of the Federation’s museum members, Transport Museum Wythall. The museum has held a Trade Licence for over 30 years to assist in the maintenance of their fleet, but has suddenly been told by DVLA that their application has been declined.

Denis Chick, Press Officer for Transport Museum Wythall said; “As very much a working museum, Transport Museum Wythall has a strict maintenance regime for its vehicle collection and requires a licence to ensure ongoing compliance with the regulations. We pride ourselves in having the majority of our buses ‘on the button’, providing rides into the country at all of our events. DVLA effectively shut down high-level policy discussions in January 2020 due to Covid-19 so to suddenly be told that our licence has now been declined for no apparent reason is totally unacceptable – we will fight on, as Covid-19 should not be an excuse for such actions.”

The Federation of British Historic Vehicle Clubs represents over 250,000 historic vehicle enthusiasts owning 1.5m historic vehicles on the DVLA database and a movement that contributes £7.2bn to the UK economy.
Whilst all these matters remain extremely important, the Federation has taken the current standpoint to remain patient and understanding during the current global crisis and to work at keeping dialogue open with DVLA in readiness for when more normal operations resume. The Federation encourages its members to do the same.

About the FBHVC:
The Federation of British Historic Vehicle Clubs exists to uphold the freedom to use historic vehicles on the road. It does this by representing the interests of owners of such vehicles to politicians, government officials, and legislators both in the UK and (through the Federation Internationale des Vehicules Anciens) in Europe.

There are over 500 subscriber organisations representing a total membership of over 250,000 in addition to individual and trade supporters. All our directors operate in a voluntary capacity supported by our secretary.


Vintage Car Rally 1963 Pendle Hill

Another video from the motoring past. This time 1963. The film was taken approacing the Nick of Pendle climbing from Sabden. The event started in the Burnley area and finished at Clitheroe Castle taking in Longridge Fell and Jeffery Hill on the way. As I recall Bill Turner and Ted Heath were part of the organisationa team. I marshalled on this event in 1968/9 and if I recall correctly we started from Gawsthorpe Hall in Padiham. If anyone has other recollections please let us know.

Red Rose Ramble

Dear member,
Preston & District Vintage Car Club (PDVCC) are hoping to run a scenic tour on the 6th June this year and have extended a kind invitation to LAC members.  I appreciate that we remain in uncertain times, but in the event that this ‘damned’ Covid continues to spoil our lives and the event has to be cancelled, all entries will be refunded.
I have attached event information, the supplementary regs and an entry form (see above). If you have any questions, just get back to me, or contact Martin Jelly directly.
               Andrew Ogden