Rally of the Bridges 22nd May 2021

The good news is that we have arrangeed an alternative on 22nd May, 2021 ‘The Rally of the Bridges

Following the St George’s Day Run our next event is the ‘Rally of the Bridges’ on Saturday 22nd May.
This event starts and finishes in Garstang at The Wheatsheaf PH and covers some 76 miles. It is intended to recreate the spirit of an event run in the early 1950’s which as the name implies crossed as many bridges as possible over the Lancaster Canal. The original event had controls and re used many of the roads on the way back south. We can’t re use roads these days and timing is of course not allowed but we have created a simple road book similar to the one used and instead of re using roads we have devised a route back to Garstang crossing river birdges to the east of the A6.

Sandra Williams sandra.williams21@btinternet.com.

Regulations for the Rally of the Bridges

Rally of the Bridges Day Regs 2021