The Fellsman Classic Tour

16th May, 2020.

For full details contact Geoff Awde

or Sandra Williams



The Fellsman is a Touring Assembly but this time aimed at more experienced entrants who relish map reading and pitting themselves against the organisers.

This is one for the navigators with a real challenge. ‘Via Boards’ are displayed on the route so entrants can confirm their progress and navigational skills. As in 2019 there iwill be a choice of Route Books with a less challenging book for newcomers to the noble art of navigation and a ‘advanced’ book for those initiated in the black arts of map reading! The event includes a lunch halt and a buffet meal for all crews.

Route is 80-90 miles with lunch included. Entrants receive full route instructions an Rally plate.

If you require regulations or further information regulations please contact Geoff

For regulations please click 2020 Fellsman Regs latest

If you’ve never taken part in a navigational event before, you might want to try your hand at the example tabletop rally or download our Navigators Handbook.