Welcome to the Lancashire Automobile Club - Established in 1902 the Lancashire Automobile Club (1902) Ltd is the second oldest motor club in the UK dedicated to the interests of motorists in the region. Organising both motoring and social events, the LAC has something for everybody, from car runs (touring assemblies) and static shows to the Annual Dinner Dance and Triennial Sportsmans … Continue reading "Welcome to the Lancashire Automobile Club"

The First LAC Coast to Coast. - The First Coast to Coast!   As Mike Wood will tell you anytime this month we were due to run our 28th Coast to Coast Classic Car Run. Mike ran the Lancashire Automobile Club’s first Classic Car Run from Blackpool to Scarborough but that’s not the whole story! Long before Mike’s run for Classic Cars, … Continue reading "The First LAC Coast to Coast."
Mystery Coachbuilders in Leigh (updated 28/06/20) - I know this is a long shot but it is something which may promt a memory in one of our members,   I had the following request posted on out Facebook page which I fgound interesting. The chap knows the history of Bucklers (he used to compete one) but this particular model/version has prompted his … Continue reading "Mystery Coachbuilders in Leigh (updated 28/06/20)"
Just another road in Upstate New York – the story of Watkins Glen - Nigel Bentley brough this video to my attention. So here’s another interesting motor sport video. Ok so it’s Watkins Glen in the USA but wait till you see who sponsored the video and the adverts.
Alfa Romeo 110th Celebrations -Updated 29/06 - Alfa Romeo has released a series of videos to celebrate their 110 anniversary. Just click on the links below to see the video: Episode 1 Episode 2 Episode 3 Episode 4 Episode 5 Episode 6 Episode 7 Episode 8 Episode 9 Episode 10
Classic Cars on Lytham Green – postponed - We have just been in touch with the orgainsers of the ‘Classic Cars on Lytham Green’ event which was due next Sunday the 28th June. The current position is that the event has been postponed till later in the year. The organisers are meeting with Fylde Borough Council shortly and hope to arrange a date, … Continue reading "Classic Cars on Lytham Green – postponed"
Manchester to Blackpool – Keeping up the tradition! - As we all know today is the 58th anniversary of the first Manchester to Blackpool Car Run but sadly we can’t run the event this year. We have organised a virtual Concours D’Elegance and I will let you know the Mayor of Blackpool (Councillor Amy Cross) choice later this afternoon. In the meantime I decided … Continue reading "Manchester to Blackpool – Keeping up the tradition!"
Relive the Manchester to Blackpool Classic Car Run - We thought that with our 58th Manchester to Blackpool Classic Car Run this Sunday being cancelled you may wish to relive the 2019 event. This link takes you to the route information book from last years event which let’s you know where the event went to and places of interest along the way. Simply click … Continue reading "Relive the Manchester to Blackpool Classic Car Run"
Manchester to Blackpool Virtual Concours - Check out the Mayor’s Choice (updated  4.00pm Sunday14th June 2020) Entries for our Manchester to Blackpool Virtual Concours closed on Friday and we had a fine selection of cars for the Mayor of Blackpool, Councillor Amy Cross, to select her favourite car. She judged the photos on Sunday 14th June at 4.00pm when the Manchester … Continue reading "Manchester to Blackpool Virtual Concours"
Longridge Motor Racing Circuit – LAC Sprints - It struck me that whilst many LAC members would know the general layout at Longridge for motor racing the sprint layout as used by both Longton and District Motor Club and Lancashire Automobile Club may be unfamiliar to them. The featured picture is a painting of me coming out of Quarry Bend into Paddock Bend … Continue reading "Longridge Motor Racing Circuit – LAC Sprints"
Virtual Classic Car Show -     As you know our 58th Manchester to Blackpool Classic Car Run was due to be held on Sunday 14th June. Given the current circumstances I’m sure you will understand that we are unable to hold the event this year.   We have thought long an hard for an alternative and have come up with … Continue reading "Virtual Classic Car Show"
Latest from Motorsport UK regarding Corona Virus – 27th May - Looks like the first steps towards opening up motorsport. On reading the small print I don’t believe it applies to our kind of event, Touring Assemblies, but it does indicate things are moving in the right direction. Motorsport UK Opens Throttle on Restarting Motorsport from 4th July Motorsport UK has announced that in anticipation of … Continue reading "Latest from Motorsport UK regarding Corona Virus – 27th May"
Latest News on Corona Virus from Motorsport UK – May 19 - This is the latest advice from Motorsport UK. Whilst it doesn’t specifically cover the type of events we organise, Touring Assemblies, it does give an idea of the way the governing body is thinking. In particular the section on both racing and rallies will be of interest.
British and European Grand Prix May 13th 1950 – Film - It came as quite a shock to realise that May 13th celebrated something rather special in the motorsport world. This video is rare BBC Newsreel footage of the British and European Grand Prix on 13 May 1950, designated as the first ever F1 World Championship race. The race took place at Silverstone in the presence … Continue reading "British and European Grand Prix May 13th 1950 – Film"
Latest Update from Motorsport UK - Getting motorsport back on track Thursday 07 May 2020 Motorsport UK, like other sports governing bodies, has been planning how it will be possible to restart our sport in the not too distant future – whilst working within the prevailing government guidelines. As official government communications begin to indicate a gradual release of the lockdown, … Continue reading "Latest Update from Motorsport UK"
Border Rievers Run Postponed - We are sorry to say we have had to bow to the inevitable and postpone the Border Rievers event scheduled for September. With the current situation we cannot even get up there to reccee the route or to confirm the accommodation and lunch halts etc. As you can appreciate much work has already gone into … Continue reading "Border Rievers Run Postponed"
Three really great videos for you to enjoy. - If you are into motor racing, Minis or want to know more about John Cooper here are three videos (two with the same title but different!) for you to savoir.
Mike Allen’s latest book this time about Tony Sugden – well worth a read! - I assume many motor racing enthusiasts have already bought Mike Allen’s book about the early history of the Gold Cup at Oulton Park. It really is a good read and not just because I am listed in theacknowledgements!   Well Mike now has his latest tome covering the great northwest driver Tony Sugden. I’m not … Continue reading "Mike Allen’s latest book this time about Tony Sugden – well worth a read!"
St Georges Day Event - We thought that with this Sunday being Drive it Day you may wish to relive the 2019 event. This link takes you to the route information book from last years event which let’s you know where the event went to and places of interest along the way.  St Georges Day 2019 Route Information These are … Continue reading "St Georges Day Event"
The Launch of the Austin 8 - As part of the launch of the Austin 8, in 1938, this publicity film was produced. This type of film was not unusual at the time and the idea was to present the car by setting a target – in this case to climb 25,000 feet in a day. The area chosen was the Lake … Continue reading "The Launch of the Austin 8"
Running a Classic Car Run. - Running a Classic Car Run. Sometimes when I talk to entrants they ask how much work goes into setting up an event. They seem surprised when I reply that our bigger events take roughly twelve months and the simpler events between se ven and nine months. Frankly I don’t think they really believe me and … Continue reading "Running a Classic Car Run."