Club Expo 2020 – Federation of British Historic Vehicle Clubs


The Lancashire Automobile Club (1902) Ltd is a member of the Federation of British Historic Vehicle Club (FBHVC) who represent the interests of Veteran, Edwardian, Vintage and Classic car enthusiast in respect of legislation at national (and european) level as well as many other topics.

Each year they have a event, this year held at the British Motor Museum, Gaydon on 25 January 2020, where they present topics of interest to the various motoring clubs they represent.

This year the topics were wide ranging and point the way with respect to the future. We are lucky enough to have a representative at this meeting and here Adrian Dean gives a brief update of important issues affecting us all.

Please note – Within the report are references to some surveys which the Federation will be undertaking in the future. When they come out we will inform you.

Please find the time to complete these surveys as they will influence the Federations approach to these issues.

 Future Research Project – Paul Chasney

Paul Chasney outlined a proposed new survey for 2020, which would consist of:

  • Stage1 Desk research
  • Stage 2 Online survey aimed at GB Public
  • Stage 3 Vehicle owners survey

This new survey will provide evidence for political leaders and other influencers to gauge the level of support for the right to use our historic vehicles on public roads.  This is especially relevant in view of recent local authority proposals to restrict the use of vehicles or ban them altogether from certain towns.

An important aspect of this survey will be to discover respondents’ views on historic vehicles being part of the UK’s heritage.  In this respect, the Federation has developed links with the National Trust to allow historic vehicles access to some properties where there is a clear connection with a historic vehicle.

FIVA (Fédération Internationale des Véhicules Anciens) is also considering a survey of historic vehicles and a representative of FBHVC has been invited to attend an initial meeting in Brussels.  The proposed FIVA survey will present significant challenges due to the large number of member countries, so it will be interesting to see what emerges from Brussels.

Adrian Dean will be part of a small team working on the survey with Paul Chasney.

Archiving – is it for us?  What can we do?  Andy Bye

The feeling among some may have been that this presentation would be dry as dust and not for us.  Nothing could have been further from the truth.  Andy Bye took us through some clubs’ efforts to archive irreplaceable documents and photographs ranging from storage in barns, garages, attics and miscellaneous cardboard boxes.  Some clubs have realised that unless they do something soon, many historic documents and photographs may be lost forever or seriously damaged.

A discussion about the value of digitising documents and photographs raised issues about the cost and best practice.  The Federation agreed to investigate this and whilst it had limited funds, may be able to source a supplier that clubs could use and recommend best practice.

The Austin 7 Club indicated that its archive had generated contributions from members and increased the profile of the club.

DVLA Question Time – Ian Edmunds & Wayne Scott

The representatives of several clubs complained about the difficulty of registering historic vehicles.  As usual, no representative of the DVLA was in attendance, no doubt because it would be like Daniel going into the lions’ den.  The Federation has the difficult task of maintaining tact, diplomacy and good relations with the DVLA against a background of declining service and the frustration suffered by members.  It may need political intervention at ministerial level before any improvements can be implemented.

Planning for the Future Preparing Classic Car Clubs for the next 40 years UPDATE – Bruce Kelsey (Morris Minor Owners Club)

Bruce Kelsey received tumultuous applause at last year’s Club Expo and so his return this year was warmly welcomed.  There is no doubt that the membership of 8,500 is a testimony to the success the MMOC, particularly bearing in mind that the marque ceased production nearly 6 decades ago.  Bruce told us how this had been achieved:

  • All members are invited to have a say in the running of the club
  • The Club critically reviews what it does
  • Encourages new ideas
  • Discovers the skills within the Club
  • Sustains a passion about the marque
  • Undertakes surveys of its members
  • Creates trust

The Birth of Youth Groups & their achievements – Wayne Scott & Charlie Crawshaw

Charlie Crawshaw made a brilliant presentation of his achievement in attracting young people to Tyrefest and obtaining sponsorship.  His presentation had the maturity of a person much older than his 22 years.  He is destined to become a star within the historic vehicle community.

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For further information regarding the Club Expo 2020, please contact Adrian Dean on 07989 343503