Manx Classic 2020

The Manx Motor Racing Club has sent us an invite to their annual Manx Classic on April 30th till May 2nd 2020.

This event includes 3 Hillclimbs in 3 days with courses at:

The Sloc (1.06mls)    –   Creg Willey’s (1.39mls)    –   Lhergy Frissell (1.48mls)

These are 3 of the longest hillclimb venues in the Uk and being the Isle of Man all are on closed public roads.

Event regulations were not yet available at the time of writing but you can register yout interest in this unique event by emailing

The Manx Motor Racing Club will then forward event regulations and entry details to you once they are available.

Take a look at


Manx Classic 2020