The following message has been sent by Chris Aylett to all members of the Motorsport Industry Association (MIA).

This is an urgent request for your help!

On 22 January, MEPs from the IMCO Committee (European Parliament’s Internal Markets and Consumer Protection) voted on their proposed amendments to the European Commission’s Motor Insurance Directive (MID) proposal.

The MIA’s exhaustive and extensive social media campaign over the past few months, as well as efforts to directly engage with MEPs, may have had an effect and our message heard. As a direct result, some of the proposed amendments from IMCO MEPs support our position in regard to motorsport – but we cannot afford to rest!

The MIA Position Paper – sent to all IMCO members – confirms our support for the proposed amendments which could save motorsport. However, there are IMCO MEPs who do not support our position and have put forward their own amendments – which could deny us the result we require.

The amendments we support, if adopted, would mean that:

only vehicles used in traffic as a means of transport would need to be covered by Third Party Liability (TPL) insurance;
‘dual-use’ vehicles used both in-traffic and out-of-traffic (i.e. 90% of ‘motorsport’ vehicles) only need insurance cover for use ‘in traffic’, but not for motorsport activities;
vehicles intended exclusively for motorsport and vehicles used exclusively in a non-traffic situation would be excluded from the scope of the MID.

These proposed amendments, we believe, go a long way to protect motorsport from the original insurance concept of VNUK.

Please urgently email MEPs from the IMCO Committee (the list is on the MIA website) and declare your support for the ‘amendments listed in the MIA Position Paper of 17 January 2019’. When doing so, we have been asked that you address the MEP directly by name (i.e,. no mass emails) and show your name and full business address.

The most influential MEPs supporting our position on this matter are:

– Dita Charanzova, Rapporteur and Vice-Chair of IMCO,

– Daniel Dalton, Shadow Rapporteur on this matter,

For your information, following the IMCO vote, the issue moves on to a vote in the full Parliament Plenary on 13 February. If the positive amendments we ask you to support are finally adopted by EU Parliament, the next stage requires us to convince the Council of EU Ministers.

Please take action now to help us. Thank you, in advance, for your support.

Yours sincerely,

Chris Aylett
Chief Executive of the MIA

For all VNUK enquiries, please contact
Emilie Gessen
Tel: +44 (0)2476 692 600.

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