Navigator School Follow Up

For those who attended John Hartley’s recent, highly succesful, Navigators School on the 25th Feb we are giving details of the instructions for the ‘loop’ which John used as the practical.

The ‘loop started from the car park or Blackburn Northern Sports on Pleckgate Drive in Blackburn. The instructions were to use coloured roads only (so no tracks or ‘whites’).

From the car park turn LEFT

Turn Right onto the A6119

Cross over a railway line and bear left on A666

Cross a railway line immediately before a railway station

Continue via spot heights 222 Approach SW 172 98

Yellow   Green   Green    Green   Brown   –   Do not pass a mast

Approach         SSW 6621/2 356          Depart NNE

.        ”                   SW 702 3581/2                   ”       NE

Over     Under    Via 7291/2  358


Turn Left on A666 and return “home”

Distance 17.1 miles